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"That's why we we love our new My ID Square Medical ID" - says Keeley McGuire of her daughter's SquID

July 23, 2014

Keeley is a passionate blogger who helps other parents of children with food allergies manage the challenges of cooking and managing life with life-threatening food allergies. Her blog is full of helpful tips that are a resource to thousands of parents. As a part of her advocacy, Keeley decided to review our SquIDs, medical IDs that go further then traditional medical IDs. Read her thorough review here and check out the discount code she is sharing!


"It is amazing," say Michelle about her son's SquID

May 12, 2014

Michelle’s son is always on the go, as she puts it, “Chance is constantly riding his bike. He loves to be outside. He is very rough and tumble.” At the age of 8, however, Chance had a series of seizures and was diagnosed with Epilepsy. “My heart sank,” says Michelle, who was suddenly confronted with a battery of challenges and the pain of adjusting to “a new normal.”