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How Squids work in emergencies

How Squids Work in an Emergency 1
Emergency happens
How Squids Work in an Emergency 2
Scan or go to website
How Squids Work in an Emergency 3
Alert contacts
How Squids Work in an Emergency 4
Read medical profile
How Squids Work in an Emergency 5
Help patient


How Squids work in a Dr's office

How Squids work in doctor's office 1
Visit doctor.
How Squids work in doctor's office 2
Show doctor Squid Medical ID.
How Squids work in doctor's office 3
Flip over Squid to read URL and Code.
How Squids work in doctor's office 4
Doctor types in URL and Code in browser.
How Squids work in doctor's office 5
Doctor can view and print your medical profile.


"It has truly been a life saver" - says Megan about her daughter's Squid ID

March 03, 2015

Isabella just turned seven, and she was diagnosed with Epilepsy years ago, “It was a constant worry for me before. I couldn't let her to go birthday parties,” Megan remembers. She bought a Squid ID and Epilepsy MedAll for her daughter, “It puts me at ease, I know that if her Squid ID is scanned I will be alerted, along with my husband and oldest daughter. I can loosen the strings and let her go be a kid again.”


Teresa is always showing the bracelet to other doctors and nurses, who love My ID Square’s unique blend of function and fashion.

December 23, 2014

Between band practices and horseback riding, Anna is a teenager on the go, “she is busy,“ her mother told us. “She is a tough little kid, she wants to do everything, and her blood sugars are so much better when she is active.”

Anna has Type 1 Diabetes, so she is mindful of her blood sugar. Her parents are both registered nurses, and they how important it is to keep track of their daughter’s medical needs and inform people of Anna’s condition in the event of an emergency.



About My ID Square

My ID Square makes fun, stylish traditional and "smart" medical ID bracelets, medical alert jewelry, custom engraved medical ID tags and charms which are recommended by doctors for people with diabetes, peanut allergies, epilepsy, food allergies, Alzheimer's, autism and other chronic medical conditions.

Our smart medical IDs, called Squid Squares and Squid Tags, connect to a powerful online medical profile and alert contacts in an emergency.
The online medical profile is included with the cost of the Squid; there are no additional monthly or yearly fees.