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5 Less Obvious Reasons Why You Should
    Wear a Medical ID

We all know the real reasons for wearing a medical ID: medical professionals need to know if you have any conditions that require special attention, especially if you’re unable to answer questions. A "smart" medical ID allows them to get more than the basic information about allergies and conditions, including any medications you might be taking or any other detailed information.

In the spirit of April Fools' Day, let’s look at some of the less serious reasons to wear a medical ID…

#5: You want to have a unique piece of jewelry that none of your friends have. C'mon, admit it...sure, you want to be part of the crowd and wear the stuff that all the kids are wearing, but wouldn't you rather start a trend?

#4: QR Codes. You've seen QR codes all over the place, mostly for advertising purposes, but as a link to your own private webpage with your medical information? Cool! (And what a great chance to show off that new selfie...the My ID Square medical information page allows you to upload a photo.)

#3: Show everyone how tech savvy you are. Medical IDs are a necessity for some folks…there’s no getting around it. But why not show that you're on the forefront of technology with a "smart" medical ID?

#2: I'm feeling kind of blue (or pink or green) today. Forget those old “boring” medical IDs...even if you’re looking for something more traditional, you have so many more options than you used to. A standard engraved charm might be all you need, but now you have options in lots of colors.

And the #1: Less Obvious Reason Why You Should Wear a Medical ID...There are so many cool options!! My ID Square offers the medical IDs you want to wear...so wear them! Sure they serve a very important and potentially life-saving purpose, but why not look good while wearing your medical ID?

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