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What's a "cancerectomy?"

breast cancer charmAnother friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer. That's the fourth one I can think of off-hand. Fortunately, all of them have been diagnosed relatively early and treated (all very differently) and other than this latest diagnosis (fingers crossed), all have been free of cancer since then. But I know that's not how it always goes.

That said, these stories of my friends are living proof that what the professionals say is true: get those annual mammograms because early detection is key. All of these women had their breast cancer caught early, which meant all of them had excellent chances of survival. Which is also why I had my annual mammogram last week, like clockwork, and while I often have to go for follow-up ultrasounds (cysts), it should be obvious if anything abnormal shows up and it should be in its early stages.

But back to my friend…

She's currently living across the country from most of her family and friends so it's been a difficult time for her, I'm sure. I imagine she feels pretty alone at times as she prepares for her treatment. (Yes, she'll be fine, but not without some very serious action first.) But I'm proud of how she's handling everything, at least publicly (assuming you consider posting experiences for your Facebook friends public). She's visited places she's always wanted to see, tried new/old activities she hasn't done before or in a long time, and she seems to be facing this all head-on. She's embracing the carpe diem mentality and I applaud her for that. (Thankfully, she has family coming out to be with her when she has her surgery.) 

The other day she posted something interesting from a friend. She's had trouble coming to terms with the "m" word, as she put it ("mastectomy"). Her friend instead suggested that she's having a "cancerectomy." After all, isn't that what it is? She's getting the cancer removed, the bad stuff destroyed...this is not her breast's fault, so why blame it? Don't blame the messenger, blame the cancer! Out, out, damned spot!

[Source: a friend of a friend] 

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