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Amy and her wonderful service dog : Forever connected with their Squid IDs

Amy is a frequent flier in emergency rooms. “I have a couple of rare autoimmune diseases, and I tend to pass out in weird places. I used to carry a three-ring binder with all of my medical history. I passed out in festivals, and the EMTs and ER doctors had to look up my conditions online. They had no idea what was going on.”

With her new ID from My ID Square, the binder can go to the dustbin.

“Now that I have the ID, the ER doctors can pull up all of my diagnoses, allergies, and medical history right away. I have used it multiple times for emergencies and hospital visits. Physicians and EMTs love it.”

Amy is always with her service dog, and she even bought a Squid for him. “We are linked to each other. If I pass out, people know from my ID to look for my service dog. And if he goes missing, the ID helps people find me.”

She’s even started training dogs locally: “We are in close contact with Wagging Warriors in Springfield, Ohio, and we hope to become assistant trainers as part of the program. I think this is great for people with service animals. My dog weighs more than me but lays in my lap like a baby, I love him.”

In addition to her St. Bernard service dog, Amy has several children: “They are all teenagers and are very active…the ID gives them all comfort that they know things are OK when I can’t be around.”