-->       With this Medical ID, Teresa feels safe to go out again My ID Square                          

For Teresa, the decision to buy a Squid ID has already paid off

“I used to have a big piece of paper in my purse with all of my medical information,” Teresa remembers, “but when I got in to a car accident the purse flew out of the car.” While the EMTs tried to ask her questions, “I just kept asking for my purse.”

Needless to say, they were a little confused.

Teresa, a pharmacy tech, needed a better option, and that’s when she found My ID Square. “I’d been looking for a bracelet, and I thought this one was awesome. I have a ton of different medical issues and I don’t want to wear fifteen things that say all of them. ”

The decision to buy a Squid ID truly paid off.

“I have used it a lot. I ended up in the ER a week ago. I thought I had a kidney stone. It was so painful. They scanned my Squid ID and it brought up all of my information, so I didn’t have to remember anything while in all that pain.”

Since her first car accident, Teresa had anxiety about driving, “but now I feel better going out in my car by myself because of my Squid ID. If I got in an accident, the EMTs would have everything they need. People to contact, medical history, drug allergies…everything.”