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Giving Parents of Children with Development Delays Peace of Mind

Michelle’s three year old daughter, Paige struggled with speech development at an early age, which led doctors to diagnose her with Apraxia, a neurological disorder that makes it difficult for her to clearly produce syllables and words. Because of Paige’s difficulty speaking and complicated medical history, Michelle has always stressed about how her child would communicate her needs in an emergency. And keeping track of her child’s needs has always been stressful.  

Michelle has tried several medical IDs, with little success. But Paige loves her SquID! “We have tried several bracelets,” Michelle says, “but she only likes wearing this one. She can sleep with it and take baths with it. I like it a lot stylistically too. I have had a couple of people tell us that they like the bracelet before I even explained to them what it was!”

In addition to being attractive, Michelle loves the ease of use of the online medical profile, which makes her life a little less complicated. It is, in her words, “very easy to use. I put her history in it, and it is nice to not have to carry around a notebook. It relieves my stress as a mom.” Michelle writes a blog to get parents and children involved in service, provide parenting advice and tips, and share her oldest daughter’s Apraxia story. You can find her story review of her My ID Square product on her website!