-->       er Squid Medical ID gives her Mom peace of mind. My ID Square                          

Teresa is always showing the Squd ID bracelet to other doctors and nurses, who love My ID Square’s unique blend of function and fashion.

Between band practices and horseback riding, Anna is a teenager on the go, “she is busy,“ her mother told us. “She is a tough little kid, she wants to do everything, and her blood sugars are so much better when she is active.”

Anna has Type 1 Diabetes, so she is mindful of her blood sugar. Her parents are both registered nurses, and they how important it is to keep track of their daughter’s medical needs and inform people of Anna’s condition in the event of an emergency. Anna’s doctor recommended getting a medical ID, but none passed the style test, “we mostly played hide and seek with her old one.” My ID Square was different, “she picked her Squid ID out herself on the website. She loves the style. She has gotten compliments from friends, and she shows everyone pictures of it on her iPhone.”

Like any mom, Teresa doesn’t want to spend all of her time managing complicated medical information, so she loves the simplicity of the online medical profile. “The online medical profile is very easy to use. The piece where you can write your own highlight is very helpful. We tell them there is an insulin pump, and then we list her allergies.”

Teresa is always showing the bracelet to other doctors and nurses, who love My ID Square's Squid's unique blend of function and fashion. Most of all, she is happy that her daughter loves it. “It is easy, light, and cute. Kids don’t want to wear the old lady bracelets, and we don’t have to fight about this one. They want to wear it.”