-->       "It has truly been a life saver" - says Megan about her daughter's Squ My ID Square                          

"It has truly been a life saver" - says Megan about her daughter's Squid ID

Megan remembers when her youngest daughter, Isabella, had a severe adverse reaction to her epilepsy medication. “It was 7AM and I was at work when my oldest daughter called me in a panic about Isabella. I told her to take her sister to the hospital. When they got there, the ER doctor scanned her Squid ID. He saw her neurologist’s contact information and was able to call immediately. By the time I got there, the doctors had talked to one another and determined what drug interaction had caused her severe adverse reaction.”

Isabella just turned seven, and she was diagnosed with Epilepsy years ago, “It was a constant worry for me before. I couldn't let her to go birthday parties,” Megan remembers. She bought a Squid ID and Epilepsy MedAll for her daughter, “It puts me at ease, I know that if her Squid ID is scanned I will be alerted, along with my husband and oldest daughter. I can loosen the strings and let her go be a kid again.”

Isabella loves the Squid, “I catch her playing with it at night. It is like her every day jewelry. She has shown it to her friends in school, her teacher knows about it, her nurse knows about it. Her teachers think it is awesome.”

For Megan, the Squid has cut down on the stress of keeping track of Isabella’s medical needs, “I keep all of her medications updated in the profile, which is very easy to do, and this definitely cuts down on headaches. It has truly been a life saver.”

Eager to help other first responders and parents, Megan walked into her local fire department and gave the medics a demonstration, "They said, 'are you kidding me? This is awesome!'"