-->       "It probably saved my life."- Lexi says My ID Square                          

"It probably saved my life."- Lexi says

When Lexi woke up in a hospital—dazed and confused—the doctors told her, “it was a lot easier to take care of you thanks to the Squid ID.”

“I had a breakthrough seizure,” she remembers, “and I didn’t know what hospital I was at or how I got there. They told me that they scanned the medical ID and used the information to understand what was going on. I couldn’t talk, so it came in handy. It probably saved my life.”

Lexi has epilepsy, and she has struggled for years to manage it. “I got my diagnosis about two months after a bad seizure. It took about a year and a half to get them under control, even then I had a few breakthrough seizures. I used to take six pills a day.”

For Lexi, most medical IDs just don’t cut it, but My ID Square’s online medical profile provides the service she needs. “At first, I had one of those stupid metal ID bracelets. That wasn’t really enough. I’m 23 and have more health problems than my grandmother, and I keep everything that is wrong with me, and every medication, on the medical profile. I did some lengthy research before buying it.”

Her Squid ID bracelet has given her a greater sense of security. “I still don’t lock doors because I can drop at any time. I never take it off, ever. I’d be lost without it.”

Plus, she likes the look and feel, “it fits with my style, and it gives me peace of mind. I don’t know how I went two and a half years without it.”