-->       "I show this to my physicians and they all say, ‘Wow, this is great'" My ID Square                          

"Now I show this to my physicians and they all say, ‘Wow, this is great," says Stephanie about her Squid ID

Stephanie runs the Montgomery County RSD & Chronic Pain Support Network group for people living with chronic pain conditions, and she is always talking about My ID Square. “I’ve been pushing this on them, I used to tell them to keep their allergies and vital medical info in their wallet or glove box in case of an emergency. This ID is a better option than a piece of paper that could become lost or outdated. It stays on your wrist, and it will be seen.”

“I’m allergic to a lot of pain medication,” Stephanie says, “and I have MS. If I get in to a motor vehicle accident, the pain medications they give me may cause a life threatening adverse reaction, so this is very important to me.” For Stephanie, the Squid around her wrist is a source of security, “I’m confident that if I do need it, it is there. I’m grateful to have it.”

Managing a chronic condition such as Multiple Sclerosis requires juggling physicians, specialists, and a frequently changing list of medications. For Stephanie, keeping track of everything was a serious job: “I kept a spreadsheet in excel before getting my Squid. I used to have it printed for EMS and always brought it to the doctor. Now I show this to my physicians and they all say, ‘Wow, this is great.’ They all started talking to each other about it. They love that with the click of a mouse they can pull up my medications and medical information, dosages, prescriptions, and all of that. The doctors love it because they have to work as a team.”

Stephanie has three children, one of who has several chronic conditions, “She wants one of her own. It is on her Christmas wish list.”