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Information in profile - for Squid Page

Designed by a team of doctors, EMTs, nurses and patients, the "Square Deal"
subscription includes an unlimited amount of information and alerts your contacts
in an emergency.  The first year is free and after that the "Square Deal" is just $25 a year.
If you choose not to subscribe to the "Square Deal" after the first year, your subscription 
changes to our "Basic Deal", which is free, and includes a limited amount of information.

The "Square Deal" profile information and features:

  • Name, age, photo
  • Unlimited contacts are alerted by text and email in an emergency. Notifications work internationally.
  • Unlimited Doctors' contact info
  • Additional information you feel should be 
    known to emergency responders.
  • Unlimited Emergency contacts phone, text and email
  • Unlimited Allergies - medication and food
  • Unlimited Medical Problems (conditions)
  • Unlimited Medical Devices (ie Insulin Pump)
  • Unlimited Medications
  • Unlimited Surgeries - date/type
  • Unlimited Pharmacy contact information
  • Unlimited Advanced Directive information
  • Date of last tetanus shot
  • Where electronic health records are stored
  • Preferred Care Center- Let EMTs know which ER you prefer!
  • Email, print and download your medical profile.

The "Basic Deal" profile information and features:

  •  Name, age, photo, languages spoken
  •  Unlimited Medical Problems (conditions)