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About QR Codes

My ID Square's Squid IDs have colorful QR codes printed on them which connect to a  your medical profile and history which can be used in an emergency and when visiting the doctor's office.

QR codes are everywhere. The iPhone X has a QR code reader built into it's camera. You just need to open the camera and place it over the QR code to scan! Many Android phones offer the same feature, so a special QR code App is not needed to scan My ID Square's QR codes. Many Apps including Snapchat, Instagram, and Pokemon Go use bar codes in their Apps. For example, Snapchat allows its users to scan QR codes (known as "snapcodes") to connect to websites quickly within the Snapchat App. The Snapchat snapcode reader can also be used on the QR code on My ID Squares IDs.

QR codes are everywhere. On concert and train tickets, food labels, built into games, medications, receipts and advertisements.  

By having QR codes on our medical IDs, we have made the process of accessing your medical information faster and easier during an emergency and when visiting the doctor. QR codes are used in hospitals - on patient wristbands, medication bottles and supplies. As a result, medical personnel are familiar with QR codes and know how to scan them.